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Peak Returns Season

How AI is Driving the Returns Revolution

Reverse logistics software is one of the most powerful tools a retailer can invest in to cut costs, drive efficiency, and improve processing – especially with the peak holiday season ramping up. Today, the best returns platforms operate using AI from end-to-end. So, let’s dive into how it works, best practices for leveraging this technology, and what’s on the horizon for AI.

Peak Returns Season

Recession-Proof Your Returns Before the Holidays

Penny-pinching customers expect a lot from retailers this holiday season, but how can retailers meet those needs without blowing their own budgets? Take a look at Optoro’s consumer data and explore retailer strategies to recession-proof your returns.

Reverse Supply Chain

The Concept Layer

Our data team built a new foundation. We call it the Concept Layer and it has changed how we think about using our data. Read through the step-by-step process of this solution’s ideation, development, and implementation.

Peak Returns Season

The Retailer’s Guide to the Holiday Returns Season Webinar

Post-holiday returns are guaranteed, so they shouldn’t be a hassle for the customer OR the retailer – it should be an opportunity to create loyalty. Watch for ways to turn returners into repeat customers and returns into profit.

Returns Into Revenue

Explore Optoro’s All-In-One Returns Platform

Retailers and brands – including Best Buy, Ikea, Target, and Staples – trust Optoro’s end-to-end solution because it makes returns a strategic advantage for their business and enables sustainability initiatives across their supply chain. Read on to learn how it works.

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Volunteering at Optoro

Giving back is part of Optoro’s mission. If you’re a new or prospective team member, read on to learn about our community impact and volunteer opportunities.