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Explore Optoro’s All-in-One Returns Platform

From a seamless online customer returns portal to warehouse processing and resale, our unified returns platform helps improve outcomes across all points in the returns process.

Reverse Supply Chain

The Concept Layer

Our data team built a new foundation. We call it the Concept Layer and it has changed how we think about using our data. Read through the step-by-step process of this solution’s ideation, development, and implementation.

Peak Returns Season

The Retailer’s Guide to the Holiday Returns Season Webinar

Post-holiday returns are guaranteed, so they shouldn’t be a hassle for the customer OR the retailer – it should be an opportunity to create loyalty. Watch for ways to turn returners into repeat customers and returns into profit.

Returns Into Revenue

Explore Optoro’s All-In-One Returns Platform

Retailers and brands – including Best Buy, Ikea, Target, and Staples – trust Optoro’s end-to-end solution because it makes returns a strategic advantage for their business and enables sustainability initiatives across their supply chain. Read on to learn how it works.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Volunteering at Optoro

Giving back is part of Optoro’s mission. If you’re a new or prospective team member, read on to learn about our community impact and volunteer opportunities.

Reverse Supply Chain

Explore 3 Trends in Supply Chain Sustainability

The global supply chain causes significant environmental impacts such as carbon emissions and plastic waste, but it can provide new value if retailers implement the following top 3 initiatives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Grow a Sustainable Business Through Returns

Ecommerce returns can produce 14% more landfill waste than brick-and-mortar returns. If you’re a retailer, read on for next steps to help promote circularity and grow your business with a sustainable returns solution.