Stop Spending Money to Throw Returns Away

Poor returns processing is an often unseen cost that eats at your margins and revenue. Drive revenue with technology that cuts excessive handling, wasted time, and lost profit potential so returns can benefit—not burden—your bottom line.

Save the Sale Without Spending More

The best return is one that never happens at all. Optoro’s self-service portal nudges customers to exchange items rather than return them, preserving not just the revenue gained from the sale, but also the money that would’ve been spent on excess processing.

Maximize Speed While Keeping Shipping and Handling to a Minimum

Every return sent back to your facilities is money spent, especially if it’s needlessly shuffled around. Our technology eliminates unnecessary touches by instantly identifying an item’s most cost-effective journey, while also consolidating returns to expedite receiving and reduce shipping spend.

Speed In-Demand Items Back to Stock

It’s hard to sell an out-of-season sweater. Optoro can transform your returns into on-hand inventory, swiftly restocking items and getting them into the hands of your next happy customer while they’re still in demand.


AEO maximizes margins by minimizing restocking delays

See how quick and efficient returns processing from Optoro enabled American Eagle Outfitters to cut down on discounts and keep items in stock.

An All-In-One Returns Platform to Drive Revenue


Encourage Exchanges and Expedite Receiving

Not all returners need to make returns. Provide recommendations for different sizes, colors, or other new or different items to encourage exchanges over refunds. For the returns that do happen, consolidate shipments to save on packaging and postage costs while reducing environmental impact.


Send Items To The Right Place, The Right Way

Poor returns processing = poor profit potential. Increase efficiency with an easy-to-use interface that guides warehouse teams through each step, getting items where they need to go without pointless pit stops.


Keep Unwanted Items on the Path to Profit

Once-purchased items are still ripe with revenue. Send returns fit for your primary channels on a fast track to restock, while letting secondary channels (both ours and your own) find profitable homes for the rest.

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