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When it comes to the retail tech stack, we believe that a high tide raises all ships. That’s why in addition to building a best-of-breed returns management system (RMS), we are also passionate about creating alliances with like-minded partners and vendors.

We believe in a microservices, API-first approach, and composable model, so you can build a future-proof technology stack that helps you move faster than the speed of your customer expectations. With our cloud-based, versionless software your team gets the best return for your returns.


Connect your returns system (and data!) to your other critical systems to offer a personalized returns experience, including tailored policies, pricing, and incentives.

Data Driven

Our data-first approach to returns help reduce preventable returns while improving merchandising decisions, reducing fraud, and mitigating negative impact for your business.

System Agnostic

No matter what front-end or back-end systems you use, we can connect with them, whether off-the-shelf or in-house technology.

Comprehensive Professional Services

In addition to our approach to building extensible, built-for-purpose technology, we also have a seasoned professional services team that works with you throughout the entire discovery and implementation timeline. 

Where does RMS sit in the tech stack?

RMS dovetails into the commerce and supply chain technology stack. By spanning the entire returns lifecycle, an RMS connect critical front-end return data to back-end operational systems, and uses AI and machine learning (ML) to systematically route and disposition products to the most-profitable next channel.

Where Optoro's Returns Management System (RMS) fits into the retail tech stack

Popular Integrations

Ecommerce Storefronts

Connect Optoro to your storefront to create a fully-branded returns experience. Empower shoppers to initiate returns, offer instant exchanges, gift cards, and convenient return methods like third-party drop-offs and home pick-ups.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Enhance the power of your WMS or SCE system by connecting with Optoro— purpose built for unique, and high-touch returns processes.

Order Management Systems (OMS)

Make every return path, a happy path by connecting Optoro to your OMS for enhanced tracking, increased return visibility, and up to 20% reduction in WISMO calls.


Recover revenue from gently-used and like-new returns with recommerce connectors that boost the circular economy and your bottom line.

Robotics & Automation

Increase productivity and order insight with innovative robots that optimizes process automation and empower your workforce.

Integration Layer / iPaaS

Composable is the new era of commerce. Don’t let the complexity of integrations slow your speed to market or impede the ability to build a future-proof tech stack.

Strategic Partners

Partner with the the most trusted thought leaders, vendors, and providers in commerce and supply chain.

Shipping & Logistics

Make the final mile (and the reverse first mile) a delightful experience for your shoppers.

Labor Management (LMS)

Boost warehouse productivity and get real-time labor insights and staffing needs for returns processes.

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