Convenience for your customers, efficiency for all. 

Optoro’s cloud-based Returns Management System (RMS) spans the entire lifecycle of a return — from initiation, to receiving, restock, and resale — unlocking greater customer satisfaction and recapturing revenue by optimizing every touchpoint of a return in one easy-to-use system.

Deliver Returns Convenience

Offer your shoppers the convenience they crave and watch your business grow. Customers can choose to drop off their QR-code returns at 1,000+ locations or arrange to have returns picked up right from their front door…leaving them more time to browse your site.

Cut Costs & Carbon Emissions

Consolidate your shipments to reduce transportation costs and carbon emissions with Optoro’s Express Returns

Recover More Revenue

The speed of your reverse supply chain is critical to financial recovery. Optoro offers flexibility to your customers, which encourages them to return items faster — retaining more resale value.

Retain Loyal Customers

Your highest returners are your most loyal customer base. The convenience of multiple returns options with our RMS technology increases customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

The Return Challenge Bites Retailers & 3PLs Alike

of shoppers are more likely to shop with a retailer that offers Home Pick-ups

of shoppers have abandoned their shopping carts if they didn’t perceive returns policies to be convenient enough

of shoppers are less inclined to shop with a retailer if they only offer mail-back returns options

Win Customers With Convenience

Returns can be a sticking point for shoppers: slow refunds, difficult drop-offs, or mail-backs can turn shoppers away from your brand. Separate yourself from the pack by offering customers personalized returns options that reward their loyalty while protecting you from bad actors.

Optoro’s RMS:

Dynamically prices return options to balance your customers’ convenience and your bottom line
Allows you to tap into a trusted network of 1,000+ professional returns locations that shoppers trust
Offers your shoppers options that meet them where they need, whether that’s at a third party or at their front doorstep

Create Operational Efficiencies

Inefficient returns processing slows down refunds, restocks, and creates blind spots when it comes to returns management. Optoro’s Express Returns® reintroduces efficiency into the supply chain, allowing retailers, brands, and 3PLs to:

Save up to 20% by consolidating shipping
Reduce restock times by up to 50%
Decrease dependencies on labor by automating returns processing
Eliminate problematic backlogs that clog a facility


Why More Retailers Are Willing to Pick Up Returns From Your Doorstep

The pandemic has changed the way we shop. More people buying things online means more people returning things, too. WSJ’s Dalvin Brown explains how some companies are leveraging gig workers to make those returns for you.

See Optoro’s RMS in action

Don’t sacrifice a great customer experience. Want to get a peek into how our RMS is changing the game for high-volume retailers?

Features and Functionality

Express Returns Drop-offs

No-box, no-label returns drop-offs at 1,000+ locations close to your customers

Express Returns Home Pick-ups

Let your customers easily make a return without ever leaving home

Mail Back

Customers ship ecommerce returns directly back to your warehouse

Returnless Refunds

Refund your customer and let them keep the item based on our algorithms and rules that you control


Heating Up Returns for Plow & Hearth

As Plow & Hearth’s ecommerce business boomed, so did out-of-stock items and customer expectations. Here’s how our returns solution is helping them meet the burst in demand.

Continue Exploring Optoro’s RMS

Returns Management System

Our end-to-end RMS connects critical front-end return data to back-end operational systems, using AI to systematically route and disposition products to the most-profitable next channel.

Returns Portal

Enable shoppers to initiate returns while encouraging repurchase options like exchanges and gift cards — all without requiring customer service.

Returns Processing

Leverage configurable pre-built workflows to optimize financial recovery from returned inventory and increase speed to restock, resale, and recommerce.