Returns: Your Last Chance to Delight Customers and Make a Good First Impression

If a customer is making a return, chances are they’ve already encountered some disappointment in their shopping experience. Returns are your opportunity to prove just how much you value their business, replacing that letdown with loyalty to your brand.

Give Returners an Experience They’ll Talk About (for the Right Reasons)

97% of consumers are more likely to buy again if they have a positive returns experience. With features like a self-service Returns Portal, Instant Exchanges, and 1,000+ Express Returns® drop-off locations, Optoro’s Returns Management System can turn dissatisfied returners into brand evangelists.

Drive Revenue by Keeping In-Demand Items In Stock, Always

Few shopping experiences are more frustrating than discovering an item is out of stock. And if the item isn’t restocked quickly, you best believe your customers will shop for it elsewhere. Optoro can immediately transform returns into in-demand inventory, swiftly restocking returned items and getting them into the hands of your next happy customer.

Make Customers Proud to Shop With You

More than ever, customers care about the values of the retailers with which they shop. Give them peace of mind by cutting needless packaging, handling, product waste and emissions involved with your returns process. With Optoro, your customers can rest assured that your returns are being sent to their next best home—and not a landfill.

customer story

Plow & Hearth uses Optoro to heat up customer satisfaction

As Plow & Hearth’s ecommerce business boomed, so did out-of-stock items and customer expectations. Here’s how returns are meeting their burst in demand.

See Optoro’s RMS in Action

Connect with our returns and reverse logistics experts to assess the current state of your returns experience, and what technology makes the most sense for your business.

Optoro’s Returns Management System (RMS)

Optoro’s returns management system (RMS) is a cloud-based, modular returns solution for managing every touchpoint of returns — underpinned by our proprietary SmartDisposition® data engine to help orchestrate the most profitable reverse path.

Returns Portal

Enable shoppers to initiate returns while encouraging repurchase options like exchanges and gift cards — all without requiring customer service.

Return Methods

Offer convenient box-free, label-free return options for shoppers with Express Returns® Home Pick-Ups and third-party Drop-Offs, store returns, and traditional mail-back options.

Returns Processing

Leverage configurable pre-built workflows to optimize financial recovery from returned inventory and increase speed to restock, resale, and recommerce.