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It’s Time to Revolutionize Retail Returns


We get it—the best return is no return at all. A customer makes a purchase, loves that purchase, and continues making purchases for years to come.

Unfortunately, that frictionless path is not a given for retailers. Unmet expectations, bracketing, and good old-fashioned buyer’s remorse are just a few reasons why returns are an inevitable, growing part of the retail puzzle. And, figuring out a solution isn’t just important for bottom lines or buyers’ satisfaction—it’s critical for the future of our planet.

That’s where we come in. Optoro offers the only full-scale returns solution that improves every step of the returns cycle. From an easy-to-use, customer-facing returns portal, to data-driven returns processing technology, to secondary channels that keep unsold items out of landfills and in the circular economy, we’re dedicated to making returns work for retailers, their customers, and the place we call home.

In the U.S. alone, 9.6B pounds of returns end up in landfills each year. It’s time to transform wasteful, outdated returns processes into a force for good.

Optoro’s Origin

Back in 2008, Optoro’s co-founders were two entrepreneurs on a mission to use resale to give unsold or undervalued goods a place in the circular economy. As business grew, they quickly discovered many modern retailers were still using antiquated returns processes that created massive backlogs of inventory, most of which ended up in local landfills.

They knew there had to be a better way. So, they created one.

More than a decade later, Optoro is still driven by the same ambition and vision—to revolutionize returns to create better, more sustainable retail for years to come.

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