Unlock Operational Excellence for Returns Management

Optoro’s cloud-based returns management system (RMS) spans the entire lifecycle of a return — from initiation, to receiving, restock, and resale — giving 3PLs the ability to deliver unmatched value to retail clients.

Win & Retain More Business

Returns are top of mind for brands and retailers, and not getting it right means they may look towards a dedicated returns-processing vendor. With Optoro’s end-to-end returns management system, 3PLs uncover a greater competitive advantage to win (and keep) business returns business — unifying outbound and reverse operations.

Say Adios to Manual Processes

Unlike outbound fulfillment, returns require unique, high-touch processes with varying operational procedures. Ditch spreadsheets and checklists by automating return workflows, reducing processing errors, minimizing exceptions, and improving inventory accuracy.

Banish Backlogs 

Managing returns is complex and usually requires 2x+ more labor to manage than outbound fulfillment. With Optoro’s RMS, 3PLs see 2-3x faster processing times, reducing stockpiles and freeing up needed space & labor for outbound fulfillment.

Improve Insights 

You cannot fix what you cannot measure, yet most 3PLs lack data and reporting into the true cost and impact of returns on operations. With Optoro’s RMS, 3PLs unlock optionality for continuous improvement initiatives, sustainability efforts, and margin improvement opportunities.

Returns are a headache for both retailers and 3PLs

Returns management climbed to the top operational challenge cited by 47% of warehouse decision-makers surveyed

Source: Zebra Technologies

Processing returns can require 2-3x or more labor and space than outbound fulfillment

47% of retail executives report that the main pain point they experience with their current returns processes are slow time to restock

Top priorities for retailers and 3PLs have shifted to focus on Returns since 2018.

Create More Value for Clients

As a fulfillment provider, you are the behind-the-scenes hero of the brands and retailers you serve. Yet when things go wrong, shoppers tend to blame the brand — making third-party fulfillment a high-stakes game.

Optoro’s RMS helps fulfillment providers win and delight customers by:

Helping retailers improve financial recovery
Speeding up restock time frames for available-to-sell (ATS) inventory, often the largest capital expense for brands
Offering valuable insights on returned inventory to help make better merchandising decisions
Delivering a solution-oriented offer to a complex challenge for retailers 

Drive Operational Efficiencies

Efficiency is the linchpin to a buttoned-up supply chain. Yet, without the right technology in place, it can be challenging to create and manage an efficient returns process for your clients.

Optoro’s RMS empowers third-party logistics (3PL) providers by creating the ability to:

Reduce processing costs
Increase units per hour (UPH) by 2-3x
Decrease dependencies on labor by automating returns processing
Mitigate error-prone processes that impact your net promoter score (NPS)

partners & integrations

RMS in the 3PL Technology Stack

Technology and automation play a critical role in third-party logistics. Optoro’s returns management system dovetails nicely into both your (and your clients’) technology stacks.

Our system-agnostic, API-first approach to integrations enables you to quickly integrate RMS into the systems that matter most.

Where Optoro's Returns Management System (RMS) fits into the retail tech stack

Features and Functionality


Purpose-built receiving technology for unit-level and non-happy-path returns

Test & Grade

Configurable grading functionality to reduce subjectivity, errors, and ditch paper processes

Intelligent Dispositioning

Automate and optimize routing of returned inventory faster, improving inventory accuracy

Directed Sorting

Streamline put-away to reduce inventory stock-outs and backlogs


The State of Retail Returns 2024

Returns avoidance is a short-sighted strategy for returns management. Transforming returns into revenue for 2024 is possible with these tactics and a thorough understanding of the state of the market.

Why more 3PLs are investing in RMS

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)