As the leading returns technology provider, Optoro‘s all-in-one returns platform makes returns easy for customers, profitable for retailers, and better for the planet. From a seamless online customer returns portal, to warehouse processing and resale, our unified platform helps improve outcomes across all points in the returns process.

Returns Experience

We know that 89% of consumers won’t shop with a retailer or brand again if they have a negative returns experience[1]. That’s why it’s imperative that retailers invest in returns at the first touchpoint. Optoro’s Returns Experience solution helps drive customer loyalty without the hassle through an easy-to-use returns portal, exchanges, and contactless in-store drop-offs no packaging or label required.

Returns Management

As a result of the ecommerce and returns boom, retailers now understand how a streamlined supply chain can better serve their customers and their bottom lines. By having Optoro’s intelligent Returns Management solution in place, retailers are more likely to maximize recovery with SmartDisposition® technology, and save time with operational efficiencies that improve the returns process.


Maximizing recovery is both a huge priority and challenge for retailers. This is especially true given the recent overflow of excess and returned goods. However, retailers can increase returned inventory value and sales velocity in the secondary market with Optoro’s ReCommerce solution. This offering intelligently routes returns to retailers’ preferred channels, expedites return to stock, and promotes circularity by moving returns to customers and charities instead of landfills.

Retailers and brands – including Best Buy, Ikea, Target, and Staples – trust Optoro’s end-to-end solution because it makes returns a strategic advantage for their business and enables sustainability initiatives across their supply chain. To learn more about each offering, check out our returns solution series:

White Paper

The Returns Dilemma: How to Avoid the Cost-or-Revenue Trap

Balancing a great customer experience and mitigating the cost of returns is an evergreen conundrum for retailers. Download the Returns Dilemma to understand the latest research around returns (hint: it’s becoming a more critical challenge to solve) and how to approach returns with a holistic mindset.

Source 1: Retail Returns And The Consumer Experience: Leveraging Returns as a Competitive Advantage | WBR Insights, Optoro, and Consumer Returns | 2018