Returns don’t have to suck.

Curate the Ideal Returns Experience: Seamless, Efficient, & Profitable

When it comes to retail the shopper reigns supreme. In fact, 55% of shoppers won’t shop with a brand if they don’t like the returns policy. That’s why a holistic returns strategy with the right technology is paramount. Returns can create friction for shoppers, crush margins for retailers, and result in cumbersome backlogs for warehouse management systems (WMS) and operations. That is until you approach ecommerce returns with a strategy and the right technology in place. That’s where we come in.

Recover More Revenue

Returns can be margin-crushers and waste-creators if not managed well. With a consolidated system in place, retailers and brands can capture repurchases through instant exchanges and gift cards, reduce transportation costs by up to 20%, and improve recovery by instantly dispositioning available-to-sell inventory to the most-profitable channels.

Bring Reverse Logistics Forward

Reverse logistics entails cumbersome, higher-touch processes than outbound fulfillment. Yet since most four-wall technology was designed for outbound, operations teams are left to manage the complexity of returns with workarounds, clipboards, tribal knowledge, or swivel-chair processes. With a system built for returns, operators can automate processing, avoid exceptions, and banish backlogs.

Optoro’s Returns Management System (RMS)

Optoro’s returns management system (RMS) is cloud-based, modular returns software for managing every touchpoint of returns — underpinned by our proprietary SmartDisposition® data engine to help orchestrate the most profitable reverse path.

Returns Portal

Enable shoppers to initiate returns while encouraging repurchase options like exchanges and gift cards — all without requiring customer service.

Return Methods

Offer convenient box-free, label-free return options for shoppers with Express Returns® Home Pick-Ups and third-party Drop-Offs, store returns, and traditional mail-back options.

Returns Processing

Leverage configurable pre-built workflows to optimize financial recovery from returned inventory and increase speed to restock, resale, and re-commerce.


The State of Retail Returns 2024

Returns avoidance is a short-sighted strategy for returns management. Transforming returns into revenue for 2024 is possible with these tactics and a thorough understanding of the state of the market.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

reduction in returns processing timeline

improvement in recovery for previously recycled inventory

reduction in returns backlog in 10 days

increase in average order value (AOV) by encouraging exchanges instead of returns

Ready to join us on the journey to reimagine returns?

Connect with our returns and reverse logistics experts to assess the current state of your returns experience, and what software makes the most sense for your business.

Fold Optoro into Your Tech Stack

Optoro’s modular, system-agnostic, API-first approach to integrations in conjunction with our preconfigured integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) enables you to quickly integrate RMS into the systems that matter most.

Returns Roundup

Expand your understanding of the returns management world and learn from thought leaders.