The returns platform that does it all.

Delight customers. Drive revenue. Preserve the planet.

See why leading retailers trust Optoro to improve returns at every step.

Stop piece-mealing together your returns solution.

Our platform has three modules that do it all.

Returns Experience

Put the power in your customers’ hands with a personalized, fully-configurable returns experience that’ll keep them coming back.

Returns Management

Let our AI-powered technology automate receiving, sorting to vendors, and fulfillment—in our facilities or yours.


Instantly list returned goods back on your channels, or sell them on our proprietary B2B marketplace, BULQ®.

Returns happen. Make them better for your customers, your business, and the planet.

Delight Customers

Returns matter to your customers—and not just the ones making returns. On top of giving returners an experience they’ll actually enjoy, we get those returned items quickly back in stock and into the hands of the next happy customer.

Drive Revenue

From encouraging exchanges over refunds, to improving speed to stock, to finding a home for returns that didn’t make it back to store shelves, we help increase efficiency while also retaining your hard-earned revenue.

Improve Processing

No more clipboards and mountains of backlog. From the moment returns are received, our technology automatically routes items down the most efficient processing path.

Enable Sustainability

Returns result in approximately 9.6 billion pounds of landfill waste per year in the U.S. alone. Our returns platform cuts needless handling, packaging, emissions, and product waste at every step, enabling your business to be, not part of the problem, but part of the solution.

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