Alleviate the frustration of returns — for you and your customers

A great customer experience doesn’t end when a shopper receives their purchase. In fact, many retailers forget to focus on curating the experience beyond the buy button, especially with something as nuanced as returns. With Optoro’s white-label Returns Portal, customers can initiate returns and exchanges without needing customer service support — all while protecting retailers and brands from fraud.

Save the Sale

Retain revenue by encouraging shoppers to exchange or repurchase (instead of requesting a refund) without the hassle of having to place another order or complex back-end accounting.

Personalize their Returns Experience

Think about the returns experience, just like you do your overall customer experience. Personalize the returns experience based on unique customer segments like loyalty members, frequent shoppers, geographies, and more.

Turn Data into Dollars

Leverage Optoro’s full-lifecycle Data & Analytics to identify common return reasons, proactively prevent merchandising concerns, reduce shrink, and properly account for the labor needed to process your incoming customer returns.

Create Happy Customers

Optoro puts the power in your customers’ hands, providing an easy, convenient returns experience that transforms returners into repeat customers.

Returns are a critical differentiator for shoppers and brands

of consumers will choose to make an online exchange rather than request a refund if they can do so in a few clicks

Over half of consumers say they will become repeat buyers after a personalized experience

of customers expect retailers to make it easy for them to navigate online and in-store

Drive Repurchases to Retain Revenue

Returns are inevitable, but they can be reduced. Optoro’s Instant Exchange encourages shoppers to make an exchange rather than request a refund, keeping them engaged with your brand. With Optoro’s Returns Portal, retailers can

Encourage easy, instant like-for-like exchanges to get your customers the right item faster
Increase repurchase AOV by offering an Instant Gift Card instead of a refund
Improve CSAT by providing convenient and flexible return and repurchase options

Prevent Fraud with a Personalized Return Experience

Shopping behaviors like wardrobing and bracketing continue to rise which has retailers and brands tightening their returns policies. The problem? 55% of shoppers will abandon their cart if they don’t like your policy. Optoro’s Returns Portal allows you to give shoppers the flexibility they seek while giving you control over their experience based on their return behavior

Decide which shoppers are shown instant exchanges, gift cards, and high-trust offers
Offer various return methods based on shopper characteristics like loyalty, CLTV, location, and more
Display dynamic pricing to reward repeat customers and reduce margin impact for frequent returners
Customize your policies to different customer segments (i.e. longer return windows)
Leverage “buy now” credits to first-time returners to encourage repurchase versus returns

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Leverage Optoro’s advanced insights into your returns to identify areas for improvement. With Optoro’s Returns Portal, you have:

Visibility into the number of RMAs created and which return methods are being used
Robust returns reasons to make smarter merchandising decisions
Comprehensive data you can use to track trends in your returns


The Ultimate Guide to Returns Management Systems (RMS)

Discover how retailers can optimize the returns lifecycle and transform returns into opportunities. The secrets below reveal how the right processes coupled with the right returns management system (RMS) can result in delighted customers, which ultimately drives loyalty.

See Optoro’s RMS in action

Don’t sacrifice a great customer experience. Want to get a peek into how our RMS is changing the game for high-volume retailers?

Features and Functionality

Return Initiation

Shoppers can start a return from anywhere

Instant Exchange

Get the right item quickly by offering size and color exchanges

Instant Gift Card

Shoppers can use their refund immediately as a digital gift card

RMA Creation

Track returns volume and trends before items are on their way back to you


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Continue Exploring Optoro’s RMS

Returns Management System

Our end-to-end RMS connects critical front-end return data to back-end operational systems, using AI to systematically route and disposition products to the most-profitable next channel.

Return Methods

Offer convenient box-free, label-free return options for shoppers with Express Returns® Home Pick-Ups and third-party Drop-Offs, store returns, and traditional mail-back options.

Returns Processing

Leverage configurable pre-built workflows to optimize financial recovery from returned inventory and increase speed to restock, resale, and recommerce.