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Automated processing improves operations, banishes backlogs, and makes tough returns management decisions for you.

For the average retailer without returns management technology, it takes 30 days or more to get a returned item back to stock. And as that item is bouncing between distribution centers and in and out of the hands of associates, it’s not just costing time and money—it’s also costing you customers. Customers who, should an item be out-of-stock or delayed, will find it elsewhere.

Optoro takes the guesswork out of returns processing, using AI-powered technology to receive and quickly route returned items down the most efficient path and back to stock, letting you focus on forward fulfillment.

Help Adapt to Inventory Influxes with Data-Driven Decisions—in Your Facilities or Ours

Fulfill inventory to any channel, including your own.
Automate disposition preferences and roll out changes in minutes.
Easily deploy in your own facilities, or free up warehouse space by outsourcing processing to our network of returns centers.

Reduce Handling and Human Error With an Easy-to-Use WMS

Select and quickly route returns to restock or the next best channel using SmartDisposition®, powered by accurate, real-time inventory data.
Provide associates with guided, step-by-step processing instructions specific to each item.
Maintain compliance across facilities with consistent, easy-to-follow procedures.

Keep an Eye on Efficiency with a Customizable Command Center

Effectively manage and measure returns productivity through intuitive workflow tools and real-time visibility metrics
Work smarter, not harder, with configurable workflows that are tailored to your channels.
Track individual items and identify issues before they start with unit-level visibility.

Cut Vendor Complexities with Vendor Management & SmartRTV® (Return to Vendor)

Maximize credits and maintain strong vendor relationships by ensuring compliance with all agreements.
Automate RA submissions to easily sort out and address rejections and disputes.
Negotiate stronger agreements with vendor performance metrics across all vendor inventory.

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AEO and Optoro’s returns management solution: a perfect fit.

For American Eagle Outfitters, a return backlog is a thing of the past. Here’s how we’re speeding up processing to keep items in stock and returns running smoothly.

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Put the power in your customers’ hands with a personalized, fully-configurable returns experience that’ll keep them coming back.


Instantly list returned goods back on your channels, or sell them on our proprietary B2B marketplace, BULQ®.