Improve Processing Speed and Say Goodbye to the Backlog Nightmare

Still relying on clipboards and historical knowledge to manage returns processing? You’re likely sitting on a mountain of out-of-stocks and backlogged merchandise. Let Optoro’s proprietary AI-powered decision-making pull returns out of processing purgatory and onto the path to future profit.

Provide a Clear and Consistent Process—In Your Warehouse or Ours

Optoro’s enterprise-grade, system-guided workflows guide associates across warehouse locations, speeding up processing while reducing human error from manual decision-making. Don’t have the capacity for incoming inventory? Our network of returns centers can take processing off your hands, letting you focus on forward fulfillment.

Keep an Eye on Efficiency (and Your Inventory)

Give your warehouse managers the tools they need to succeed. Our customizable interface includes intuitive desktop tools to drive productivity, with configurable workflows tailored to your channels. Unit-level visibility also enables managers to track individual items, understanding where they are and stopping potential issues before they start.

Offload Unwanted Inventory Without Sacrificing Revenue

Don’t let unsold returns gather dust—or worse, rot in a landfill. Optoro’s Express Return to Stock (RTS) gets returned inventory back to stock faster, so you can put in-demand items in the hands of your next happy customer. If returned merchandise isn’t fit for your primary channels, our technology can help route them to their next, most profitable home, benefitting both your bottom line and the planet.

customer story

AEO and Optoro’s returns solution: a perfect fit.

When ecommerce boomed in 2020, so did American Eagle Outfitters’ amount of returned items. Here’s how we sped up restocking to get items back on store shelves and keep processing running smoothly.

An All-In-One Returns Platform to Tackle Processing


Get Returns Out of Back Rooms and Back on Store Shelves

Forget sending returns to your warehouses one at a time. Instead, consolidate returns shipments with Express Returns®, getting valuable out-of-stock items into your distribution centers with less time, touches, and hassle.


Take the Guesswork Out of Processing

Receiving a return shouldn’t vary per warehouse or associate. Arm your teams with easy-to-use software that guides them through each step of the process, providing a uniform experience that sends inventory quickly and efficiently down the correct path, each and every time, without clogging forward orders.


Stop Wasting Space (and Revenue Potential)

Don’t let items unfit for restocking sit dormant. Instead, instantly list them on secondary channels (or Optoro’s proprietary marketplace), or recycle or donate them to a worthy cause. We will find the next best home that maximizes recovery while minimizing environmental impact.

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