End-to-end returns technology that turns disappointment into delight.

Optoro’s purpose-built returns software optimizes the full lifecycle of a return — from initiation to repurchases, receiving, restock, resale, and even recommerce — turning a margin-crusher into a revenue-driver, without sacrificing a delightful customer experience.

Returns: the Elephant in the (Retail) Room

Returns can be a headache for everyone involved. They create friction in the shopper experience, they are margin-crushers for retailers, and they create cumbersome and costly backlogs for warehouse operators. Adding to the complexity is the challenge of measuring and tracking the performance of returns, and unfortunately, you can’t fix what you don’t measure effectively. 

But you don’t have to throw the baby (elephant) out with the bath water. Recent studies show that returners can be 4x more profitable than non-returners. At Optoro, we love helping the retail and supply chain industry tackle the full lifecycle of a return — and transforming disappointment into delight.

Optoro’s RMS improves returns performance at every step

increase in repurchase rate

 average CSAT score

reduction in processing cost

The Touchpoints of a Return

Optoro’s Returns Management System (RMS)

Optoro’s returns management system (RMS) is cloud-based, modular returns software for managing every touchpoint of returns — underpinned by our proprietary SmartDisposition® data engine to help orchestrate the most profitable reverse path.

Returns Portal

Enable shoppers to initiate returns while encouraging repurchase options like exchanges and gift cards — all without requiring customer service.

Return Methods

Offer convenient box-free, label-free return options for shoppers with Express Returns® Home Pick-Ups and third-party Drop-Offs, store returns, and traditional mail-back options.

Returns Processing

Leverage configurable pre-built workflows to optimize financial recovery from returned inventory and increase speed to restock, resale, and re-commerce.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

reduction in returns processing timeline

improvement in recovery for previously recycled inventory

reduction in returns backlog in 10 days

increase in average order value (AOV) by encouraging exchanges instead of returns

Talk to a Returns Expert

Create a frictionless and unforgettable returns experience for your shoppers, without creating a headache in the warehouse.

RMS in the Technology Stack

RMS dovetails into the commerce and supply chain technology stack. Our RMS connects critical front-end return data to back-end operational systems and uses AI and machine learning (ML) to systematically route and disposition products to the most-profitable next channel.

Our system-agnostic, API-first approach to integrations in conjunction with our preconfigured integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) enables you to quickly integrate RMS into the systems that matter most.

Where Optoro's Returns Management System (RMS) fits into the retail tech stack


Ramping up your search for the right returns solution?

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(Bonus Content: Insights into the metrics you need to understand around returns to pick the best-fit solution)

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