Lead the Way in Retail Sustainability

The retail industry has an astounding impact on the environment, and returns are no exception. Keep products out of landfills and in the circular economy with returns technology that helps you become part of the solution.

Reduce Single-Item Shipping and Packaging

While it may not seem like much, the resources and carbon emissions involved in sending back a single item quickly add up. Optoro consolidates returns into fewer shipments, reducing required packaging and transport, and analyzes sustainability impact to assess whether customers should simply keep items rather than return them.

Easily Identify Areas for Improvement

The reverse supply chain is notoriously opaque, especially when determining where an unsold item becomes landfill garbage. Our returns platform gives retailers real-time, unit-level visibility on where excess units end up in the process, empowering them to find more sustainable paths that reduce product waste.

Keep Items Out of Landfills and In the Circular Economy

Returns are far from worthless waste. Optoro connects unsold items with their next best homes, giving products previously doomed for the dumpster a second life. Whether they be restocked, resold, refurbished, recycled, or donated, we’re here to help your returns enter and enable the circular economy.


Plow & Hearth Diverts Returns Out of Landfills and Into Secondary Markets

As a retailer with products designed for the great outdoors, Plow & Hearth understood the importance of sustainability and protecting the planet. Here’s how our returns platform is reducing their environmental impact.

Ready to join us on the journey to reimagine returns?

Connect with our returns and reverse logistics experts to assess the current state of your returns experience, and what software makes the most sense for your business.

Optoro’s Returns Management System (RMS)

Optoro’s returns management system (RMS) is a cloud-based, modular returns solution for managing every touchpoint of returns — underpinned by our proprietary SmartDisposition® data engine to help orchestrate the most profitable reverse path.

Returns Portal

Enable shoppers to initiate returns while encouraging repurchase options like exchanges and gift cards — all without requiring customer service.

Return Methods

Offer convenient box-free, label-free return options for shoppers with Express Returns® Home Pick-Ups and third-party Drop-Offs, store returns, and traditional mail-back options.

Returns Processing

Leverage configurable pre-built workflows to optimize financial recovery from returned inventory and increase speed to restock, resale, and recommerce.