Lead the Way in Retail Sustainability

The retail industry has an astounding impact on the environment, and returns are no exception. Keep products out of landfills and in the circular economy with returns technology that helps you become part of the solution.

Reduce Single-Item Shipping and Packaging

While it may not seem like much, the resources and carbon emissions involved in sending back a single item quickly add up. Optoro consolidates returns into fewer shipments, reducing required packaging and transport, and analyzes sustainability impact to assess whether customers should simply keep items rather than return them.

Easily Identify Areas for Improvement

The reverse supply chain is notoriously opaque, especially when determining where an unsold item becomes landfill garbage. Our returns platform gives retailers real-time, unit-level visibility on where excess units end up in the process, empowering them to find more sustainable paths that reduce product waste.

Keep Items Out of Landfills and In the Circular Economy

Returns are far from worthless waste. Optoro connects unsold items with their next best homes, giving products previously doomed for the dumpster a second life. Whether they be restocked, resold, refurbished, recycled, or donated, we’re here to help your returns enter and enable the circular economy.


Plow & Hearth Diverts Returns Out of Landfills and Into Secondary Markets

As a retailer with products designed for the great outdoors, Plow & Hearth understood the importance of sustainability and protecting the planet. Here’s how our returns platform is reducing their environmental impact.

An All-In-One Platform to Support Sustainability


Reduce Returns Packaging and Shipments

Don’t waste resources on unnecessary returns transport. Cut carbon emissions and packaging waste by consolidating shipments with Express Returns™ and determining when it’s more beneficial for customers to keep items rather than send them back.


Stop Landfill Waste Before It Starts

When and where returns get routed to landfill shouldn’t be a mystery. Our SmartDisposition® technology provides unit-level data about each item, so you can see and send excess inventory down a more sustainable path.


Give Unsold Products New Purpose

One person’s return is another’s resale inventory. Offload out-of-season or unwanted inventory to highly-engaged resellers via BULQ®, Optoro’s proprietary wholesale marketplace, who can help these products find their place in the circular economy.

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