With the recent increase in online purchases and the overall importance of the upcoming holiday season, now is the time for brands and retailers to prepare for an anticipated flood of returns with a holiday 2020 returns readiness checklist.

Between store closures and safety concerns related to COVID-19, a shift to e-commerce this holiday season could lead to significantly higher ecommerce return rates in January – up to 3x more than brick and mortar purchases2. To prepare for this, our returns-ready checklist can help you improve your customer experience, grow topline revenue, and reduce operational costs.

holiday 2020 returns readiness checklist

If you’re considering new ways to drive growth with returns, consider investing in returns technology that can make initiating, processing and reselling returns seamless. Optoro’s complete returns solution consists of three products that help retailers optimize their returns strategy:

Returns Experience

A returns portal that offers automation and turns returners into repurchasers by presenting them with merchandise credit to use with retailers right away, with no additional financial risk to retailers3.

  • Make returns a breeze for customers during a stressful time with a portal designed to delight
  • Turning returners into exchangers
  • Drive topline by incentivizing more spend via instant credit
  • Save marketing dollars through seamless re-engagement

Returns Management 

A specialized returns SaaS technology and outsourced processing service that relieves pressure from supply chains while enabling flexibility to insource it later on.

  • Full supply chain flexibility and agility during a high-risk time period
  • Drive full-price sales and reduce logistics costs via turnkey drop shipping for returns
  • Freeing up space and labor and increase profitability with automated routing 


Turnkey B2B and D2C secondary channels to resell your returns at the highest value.

  • Maximize sell-through and recovery
  • Relieve space prior to and during holiday
  • Provide additional margin and outlets post holiday as returns surge

Download our Holiday 2020 – Optoro Returns Readiness Checklist to learn more, or schedule time to speak with us and we will work to determine the best solutions fit for you.

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Source 2: Holiday Sales Will Break $1 Trillion This Year, Meaning Retailers Must Also Prepare For Record-Breaking Returns | Forbes (2019)