Alain Breillatt

Chief Product Officer

Alain Breillatt is a visionary executive with 15+ years of experience leading product teams to drive innovation and portfolio value. His entrepreneurial passion enables him to create bridges across business and technology divisions, establish trusted relationships, and champion product vision company-wide to launch and commercialize leading products.

Alain’s expertise in product management and strategy enable him to lead teams through all aspects of product development. His diverse experience working at Fortune 200 conglomerates to dynamic startups gives him the ability to adapt to new environments quickly. His passion to uncover insights through ethnographic and quantitative research allows him to design products that solve customers’ problems and penetrate the target market. 

He has built high-performing product teams for two of the dominant players in multi-carrier shipping software, which global retailers, ecommerce merchants, manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies rely upon for efficient operational logistics. His ability to champion vision within business and engineering groups has led to high-valuation exits through acquisition by public enterprise software companies.

Alain holds an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management and a Bachelor’s Degree from Brigham Young University. He has also developed course materials on innovation for the MBA and Executive Education programs at the Kellogg School of Management. 

With a family of five daughters and an amazing wife, there is never a dull moment in his home life. Having lived in Chicago for numerous years he has opinions on foods of all types but especially hot dogs (Vienna garden dragged or nothing) and pizzas (deep dish is a casserole while tavern style is the one true way). To support his foodie ways, you will regularly find Alain cycling down hills and pushing the limits of his legs on one of his many bikes.

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