Tuckernuck Streamlines Returns to Improve Customer Experience and Grow Revenue

See how Shopify retailer Tuckernuck achieved a 94% CSAT with faster restock and refund times through the Optoro All-in-One Returns Platform


Leading online marketplace automates returns to maximize recovery

Tuckernuck faced delayed restocking times caused by highly manual returns processing and a backlog of returns taking up space in their warehouse. As customers began noticing that the items they wanted were slow to restock and refunds were taking longer than usual, CSAT scores dropped and customer care became overloaded with tickets. To offer their customers the best experience, Tuckernuck needed a partner that could optimize every part of the returns lifecycle.

By implementing Optoro’s Returns Experience and Returns Management solutions, Tuckernuck unlocked an all-in-one platform plugged into Shopify to improve customer experience through faster restock, refunds, and return processing–all while clearing their returns backlog. Together with easier exchanges and more convenient return methods for customers, Tuckernuck transformed returns into a sustainable customer loyalty and growth driver.

Partnering with Optoro has allowed us to give our customers the best-in-class experience they deserve. Optoro’s all-in-one solution allows us to streamline the process by automating refunds and getting inventory returned to stock in record time.

Emily Grayson
Vice President of Operations, Tuckernuck


Manual processes and a huge backlog of returned inventory made meeting customer demands challenging

Tuckernuck wanted to offer the best customer experience, but manual return methods and a large backlog of returned inventory were getting in the way. Shoppers sent returns back through label-in-the-box, leading to a lack of data visibility in the warehouse. Inefficient and inaccurate returns processing caused slower refunds and more customer care tickets. As the holiday season approached and shopper demand soared, restocking speed also took a hit. Tuckernuck looked for an all-in-one solution for their Shopify store that could connect all parts of the returns lifecycle for greater speed, control and visibility–from return to restock and resale. With the Optoro Platform, Tuckernuck boosted restock rates and expedited refunds while speeding up processing and providing the best experience in returns.


Meeting shopper demand via faster refund and restock

Tuckernuck cleared their returns backlog only weeks after implementing Optoro. With highly efficient and accurate returns processing, exceptions in the warehouse became easier to identify and more returned inventory got in the hands of the next happy shopper, faster. In fact, 98% of returns were restocked to active inventory immediately upon receipt instead of ending up in a landfill as lost revenue and increased waste. Tuckernuck connected front-end returns data directly to the warehouse, expediting processing so that shoppers receive faster refunds and exchanges.

Offering easier exchanges and returns to retain shoppers and boost CSAT scores to 94%

Tuckernuck didn’t compromise revenue growth for the best experience in returns. By activating exchanges with built-in fraud protection as a new revenue stream, they retained more shoppers who loved the brand even more for helping them get the right product immediately. Instead of label-in-the-box as their only option, shoppers started using a self-service returns app with a drop off network for even easier returns. What’s next for Tuckernuck? Activating an at-home pickup network with Optoro to provide the ultimate customer convenience with packageless, label-less pickups right in the comfort of the shopper’s own home.

Retaining and growing revenue through holistic, end-to-end returns

Leveraging the full Optoro platform created unique efficiencies for Tuckernuck’s entire returns operation. Connecting data from digital returns to dropoff and warehouse operations powered efficient processing to resell 78% of returns within 30 days, with most returns ready for resale within 24 hours of receipt. More customers got the products they needed for the holiday and markdowns decreased because returned products were still season appropriate.

Tuckernuck partnered with Optoro to process returns, which enabled them to retain and grow revenue by giving customers a returns experience that builds loyalty.


CSAT through fast refunds, easy exchanges, and package-free returns

of returns restocked to active inventory

of returns resold and en route within 30 days of initiation

of returns diverted from landfill

to process returns for resale versus 30 days historically


Returns Experience

Returns Management


Tuckernuck is a women-founded online lifestyle brand and boutique based out of Washington, DC, specializing in classic yet unique apparel, accessories, and gifts. Established in 2012, Tuckernuck has created the online equivalent of a boutique experience to make shopping easy and exciting. In addition to their own line of clothing and accessories, they source and sell items from hundreds of other designers as well. In addition to Tuckernuck’s online presence, they have a brick-and-mortar store in Washington, DC.


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