Finding Inspiration in Intelligent Returns

See how our data-driven returns technology is helping this furniture marketplace maximize revenue


Leading online marketplace automates returns to maximize recovery

In the wake of massive growth, this leading online marketplace for home remodeling and design sought a better solution for their ecommerce returns. They needed a platform that could help them make intelligent return routing decisions in their supply chain and achieve a higher net recovery for the returns. To achieve this, the retailer turned to Optoro for Returns Management software and ReCommerce solutions. Leveraging Optoro’s returns management system offering, the retailer’s returned goods now route directly from customers to Optoro’s facility, where the units are received, processed, assessed and resold on Optoro’s proprietary B2B resale channels.

For us, it was important to find a reverse logistics partner that is capable of both addressing a dynamic list of SKUs along with real-time, continuous disposition optimization to maximize recovery and reduce returns. Optoro provided easy-to-implement options for both.



Plagued by space constraints, manual processes and little recovery

On top of space constraints to receive and store customer returns, the retailer had a manual returns process. Half of returned products were donated—in support of the company’s philanthropic efforts to turn houses into homes for people in need—while the other half were liquidated via a time-intensive process that recouped little value.


Driving over 90% unit resales and an impressive 150% increase in net recovery

Since partnering with Optoro, 91% of the retailer’s returns have been resold in the recommerce market via Optoro’s proprietary resale channels. The program has increased net recovery(vs. cost) by more than 150%.

Furthermore, with a strong partnership, the Optoro teams and the retailer’s teams have been able to optimize the program over time. For example, through increased data availability and operational enhancements, the exception rate for returns has dropped by over 55% from year 1 to year 2. The retailer has seen a reduction in exception labor charges as a result of these improvements. The net recovery rate for the program also increased by 25% from year 1 to year 2.

Healthier profits achieved through data-driven strategic decisions

With Optoro’s unit and SKU-level performance data, the retailer now has a full picture of the profitability of their inventory mix, including the top- and bottom-line impact of online returns. This data enables them to make better strategic decisions, including refining customer satisfaction and keep logic to reflect SKU-level profitability.


of returns resold

increase in net recovery

reduction in returns exceptions


Returns Management



This online marketplace connects millions of homeowners, designers and home improvement professionals from around the world. Its website and mobile app serve as both an online marketplace for a curated set of furniture and home goods, as well as an inspiration board for interior design and home improvement. At its core, they are a tech company looking to drive towards smarter, data-driven decision-making across the board.


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