Optimize Returns Where It Matters Most

Typically, the majority of returns happen in the physical store. With web exclusives, out-of-seasons, opened items, and the other complexities of returns, how can stores process and optimize this inventory?

Optoro’s Store Returns module combines data science and user experience design to streamline and optimize returns processing in physical store environments. The Store Returns module evaluates each and every item to determine the best outcome based on its unique attributes. With Store Returns, retailers and brands can:

Improve the customer experience inside stores
Redirect store labor from tasking to selling
Reduce downstream supply chain costs and improve speed to stock
Gain visibility into each and every returned item

Improve The Customer Experience

Optoro’s Store Returns module provides guided workflows optimized for retail store environments and returns management. These workflows help store associates spend less time managing returns, which means they can spend more time on front-of-store activities and create a better experience for shoppers. Better processing of returned goods means fewer items on markdown and clogged up clearance racks.

Optimize All Returned Inventory

Whether an item was purchased in the store or not, Optoro Store Returns can evaluate the item and guide associates through the correct operation. This could include restocking inventory, consolidating it within the supply chain, donating it, or various other actions. This helps reduce the problems created by web exclusives, non-congruent inventory, and even low-value inventory.

Improve Store Compliance

Optoro Store Returns can help to prevent hazardous material from being mishandled during the returns process. By integrating with client or external data sources, the module can alert store associates that a particular item may require special handling, so that the associate can comply with the required processes.