Improve Return-To-Vendor Operations

Today, retailers who have return-to-vendor (RTV) rights use them in a one-size-fits-all approach. Often inventory is sent back to vendors, even when the returns allowance or cap has been reached. Inventory is also sent back in circumstances where the retailer could have recovered more value by re-selling the item. Moreover, most RTV operations are heavily manual and paper-based.

With Optoro’s SmartRTV® module, retailers are able to streamline and optimize many aspects of the return-to-vendor process. With dynamic decision-making, robust workflow tools, and easy-to-use dashboards, retailers using SmartRTV® can:

Improve the efficiency of RTV operations
Minimize credit disputes and other disagreements with brand partners
Visualize and track all inventory in the RTV process

Cloud-Based Portal

Optoro’s SmartRTV® module is a cloud-based portal that centralizes all RTV related information, enabling remote management and greater transparency across all stakeholders.

Robust Workflow Tool

Within the warehouse environment, RTV operators can use SmartRTV®’s robust workflow tool. This streamlines RTV processes and ensures that operators make data and system-driven decisions. Using this tool, retailers can enforce the sortation of inventory by vendor rules and status, improve total possible vendor credit, and reduce unnecessary administrative costs.

Actionable Data Insights

Real-time tracking of units and key performance metrics provides the item and vendor-level visibility needed to enable continuous enhancements to vendor agreements and make better decisions on RTV processes.