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Revolutionizing the
way retailers
their excess and
returned Inventory

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Optoro Offers a Superior end-to-end Reverse Logistics Solution that Helps Retailers Optimally process, disposition, and sell their Excess and Returned Inventory

  • Maximum Recovery

    Achieve higher recovery through our superior
    dispositioning and marketing solutions

  • Intuitive Cloud-Based Software

    Streamline processes and speed things up with easy-to-use tools that help mitigate costs and waste

  • Superior Data & Analytics

    Leverage current data for real-time optimizations
    and inventory management

  • Sustainable Commerce

    Recover assets and reduce waste to make a
    real impact on the environment

Our Software, OptiTurn®, Provides SmartDisposition® to Ensure Optimal Channel Allocation for Your Products

Our powerful SmartDisposition engine uses large proprietary data sets and real-time secondary market information to instantly determine the right path for your inventory, optimizing cost, sale price, and velocity to maximize your recovery.

Our Marketing Platform Reaches
More Than 500M Consumers Worldwide

Let our selling engine market your products across 10+ major marketplaces simultaneously using dynamic pricing to optimize velocity and recovery based on real-time market conditions and past sales.

Benefit from our top-rated, consumer-facing brand, BLINQ

Our multi-site listing engine connects high-quality products at affordable prices to consumers worldwide. We’ll protect your name by using our brand, and ensure that you avoid channel conflict. Marketing and customer service? We do that, too.


Connect with new wholesalers through our liquidation marketplace, BULQ

Our revolutionary selling platform for liquidation goods brings your products to a new audience of interested resellers, increasing demand and moving your inventory faster. By offering 98% accurate manifests, superior pricing algorithms, and a fresh user experience, BULQ builds sustainable relationships with our end buyers that keep them returning as loyal customers.


Streamline your operations with
sophisticated processes and
technology tools

  • Scalable Cloud-based SaaS Platform allows you to activate
    out of any facility around the country
  • Mobile operations workflow + internal processing tools
  • Built-in inventory Management and D2C Fulfillment Modules

Use Data and Analytics To Better
Manage All Reverse Logistics

  • Granular recovery data = optimized buying decisions
    and vendor allowance agreements
  • Better inventory management = less cost & loss
  • Full disposition control = No embarrassing lawsuits

Work with us to make the retail industry greener

Reducing waste and pollution by minimizing shipments and putting products in the hands of customers, not in landfills.

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Who is Optoro?

We love a challenge and we're redefining the way retailers handle excess and returned inventory.

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