Adam Vitarello

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Adam Vitarello co-founded Optoro in 2008 with Tobin with a vision to make retail more circular & sustainable.

A creative problem-solver at heart, Adam has been focused on how to re-make the painful & wasteful experience of customer returns, and turn it into something that drives growth, profitability & loyalty, all while eliminating waste for the environment. Adam has been at the heart of building Optoro’s innovative all-in-one returns platform – from easy-to-use returns experiences for customers to intelligent returns management solutions for supply chains. He also has helped evangelize Optoro to the market, working closely with marquee brands such as Best Buy, American Eagle & IKEA.

Beyond helping to architect Optoro’s solution & set the strategic direction for the company, Adam has been deeply involved with Optoro’s key partners, including helping to raise over $250M from marquee investment firms such as Kleiner Perkins & Revolution Growth, and cultivating strong relationships with UPS, eBay, and Zebra. Adam also cares deeply about the Optoro team, and has done his best to build a culture of innovation, resourcefulness, hard work, and kindness. 

More broadly, Adam is a big believer in the use of technology as force for good, and is passionate about delivering win-win-win solutions that not only deliver strong business results, but also improve the lives of customers & co-workers, and generally leave the planet in a better place than we got it.

Outside of Optoro, Adam can be found playing with two young silly boys, hanging with his amazing wife, helping a buddy run a race through the mountains, or generally being curious and amazed by the world around him. Adam holds a B.A. in History & International Relations from Brown University.

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