Our mission is to make retail more sustainable by eliminating all waste from returns.

Customers’ preferences are changing; as eCommerce grows, consumers return more products and in-store inventory stockpiles. Brands need to tap into a hidden asset to stay ahead—returned and excess inventory.  

As traditionally managed, these overstocked or returned goods are often lost, abused, or discarded.

We want to connect those goods to their next best home, in a way that makes most sense for the buyer, the seller, and the planet.

We’re envisioning a different future, one in which products have longer lifecycles, brands leverage new sources of revenue, and consumers get steals on stuff they want. And we’re helping make that a reality.

Our Story

Our company was founded by two scrappy entrepreneurs with an ambitious idea. Since then, we have evolved from a small storefront to a three-office, two-warehouse company.

To this day, we are driven by a passionate leadership team committed to that vision—revolutionizing the returns industry while building sustainable commerce.

Optoro is disrupting an old-fashioned, $500B reverse logistics industry by increasing the value of excess and returned inventory.


Our people Board of Directors

Tobin Moore

Co-Founder and CEO

Adam Vitarello

Co-Founder and President

Jim Kelly

EVP Business Development and Client Success

Michael D’Amato

EVP Finance and Strategy

Tom Grossi


Adam Wegner

General Counsel and SVP Corporate Development

Jess Szmajda


Larisa Summers

SVP Ecommerce and Digital Marketing

Ricardo Menendez

VP Operations

Mike Goynes

VP, Data

Casey Chroust

VP, Client Success

Kenneth Lim

VP, Solution Strategy

Denis Whelan

VP, Sales

Carly Llewellyn

Senior Director, Marketing & Communications

Anne Rodriguez

Senior Director, Business Operations

Ann Starodaj

Director, Sustainability

Tobin Moore

Co-Founder and CEO

Adam Vitarello

Co-Founder and President

Ted Leonsis

Co-Founder, Revolution Growth

Daniel Oros

Partner, Green Growth Fund Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Anthony Nader

Managing Director, SWaN & Legend Venture Partners

Dan Levine

Managing Partner, Tenfore Holdings

Jim MacIntyre

Principal and CEO, Product Lab, LLC

Lawson DeVries

General Partner, Grotech Ventures