Smart Disposition

Unit-specific routing based on predictive pricing and demand analysis algorithms.

Intuitive Tools

Technology to improve the efficiency across all aspects of the supply chain, from stores, to return centers, to everything else.

Enterprise Data Visibility

Unit-level tracking across all components of the supply chain to surface actionable insights.

Integrated Channels

Automated listing of inventory on a client’s preferred demand channels, including primary websites, outlets and more.

Smart Disposition Engine

Optoro’s SmartDisposition engine uses AI and proprietary algorithms to route returned and excess inventory to its next best home.

Using over 1200 data attributes, our technology determines the channel that will deliver the highest net value from an item, considering both the predicted selling price of the item, and the costs required to get that item to each channel.  This decision logic can be applied to any part of the reverse supply chain, including the back of store, a distribution center, or a customer self-service tool.

Comprehensive warehouse tools

Unique warehouse capabilities are required to effectively handle returns and excess inventory.

Optoro’s Warehouse Management tools are built specifically for reverse logistics to enable highly efficient receiving, processing, and routing of inventory for every disposition channel – from your primary retail channels, to clearance & outlet, to return to vendor, to donate or recycle, and everything in between.



Deploy Optoro’s Returns Optimization Platform to power your 3PL’s existing return centers and warehouses within weeks to maximize the value from your reverse supply chain.


Optoro runs your full reverse logistics operation – supported by leading 3PLs including UPS® – while providing you with comprehensive real-time visibility into unit-level movement in the warehouse to aggregate performance metrics.