Restock and resell returns to retain their value and keep items out of landfills.

Try to picture 9.6 billion of anything—it’s difficult to imagine. Yet, that’s how many pounds of landfill waste are generated by retail returns per year in the U.S. alone. On top of the lost profit, retailers who are part of this problem also have some serious explaining to do when it comes to their sustainability-minded customers.

Optoro taps into the unseen value of returns by routing items to restock or their next most profitable home, whether back to primary channels or resold on secondary markets, keeping otherwise wasted merchandise out of landfills and in the circular economy.

Instantly Transform Returns into Inventory with Express Return to Stock

Reduce return to stock time by weeks, eliminating customers’ out-of-stock frustrations.
Instantly relist returned items on your primary and secondary channels, and drop ship items where appropriate, without having to ship to forward stocking locations.
Connect to your current inventory and order systems effortlessly with easy APIs.

Unlock Profit by Reselling Items on BULQ

Offload out-of-season or unwanted inventory to highly-engaged resellers via BULQ, Optoro’s proprietary wholesale marketplace, who are willing to pay a premium.
Maximize recovery with proprietary pricing algorithms based on market demand and historical data, including exclusive eBay data.
Increase velocity with curated BULQ lots based on previous buying behaviors that resellers will be eager to quickly buy and sell on secondary channels.

Increase Your Customer Base While Protecting Your Brand (and the Planet)

Expand your reach by enabling resellers to offer your items on more than 20 secondary marketplaces without competing with your primary channels.
Tap into the 100M+ eBay seller community through our exclusive eBay partnership, including a first-of-its kind relisting tool that enables BULQ resellers to save up to 50% of their listing time.
Connect with certified partners to refurbish items for resale and properly recycle or donate items to increase inventory longevity and keep unsold items out of landfills.


Major home design marketplace transforms returns into retained revenue

As this leading online marketplace for home remodeling and design grew, so did their pile of unsold returns. Here’s how we’re finding these items their next, most profitable homes, maximizing recovery while minimizing environmental impact.

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