Replenish Primary Stock With Returned Inventory

Many consumers return inventory in new sellable condition. Yet, returns processes are disconnected from forward operations, making it difficult to quickly return inventory to forward stock. This leads to avoidable stock-outs, a poor customer experience, and unrealized value once returns are sold through a different channel.

Optoro’s SmartRTS™ module enables retailers and brands to resell returns through primary ecommerce channels. Inventory can be seamlessly listed online, resold, and fulfilled directly to the next consumer. With SmartRTS™, retailers and brands can:

Increase speed to primary stock
Improve the value of inventory
Reduce costs associated with re-listing inventory for sale

Seamless Connection To Ecommerce Channels

Optoro SmartRTS™ dropships onto preferred ecommerce channels to drive a quicker turnaround of returned units, maximize total sales of this inventory, and decrease unnecessary processing costs involved in restocking.

Integrated Inventory Management

The integration of Optoro’s SmartRTS™ module and an inventory management system enhances unit tracking and provides visibility into on-hand inventory at all times. SmartRTS™ allows clients to facilitate order management, reconcile inventory, and fulfill orders via Optoro’s warehouses. Developers can easily use Optoro’s powerful API to integrate to their retail ecosystem, distribute inventory geographically, and improve customer experience.