Streamline Distribution Center Operations

Returned inventory is complex and dramatically different from forward inventory, yet many retailers and brands use traditional supply chain technology for reverse logistics needs. As a result, inventory processing within distribution centers is highly manual, rigid, error-prone, and difficult to manage.

Optoro’s Reverse Supply Chain module increases supply chain efficiency through a purpose-built, end-to-end platform designed specifically to manage all warehouse operations for returns. With the Reverse Supply Chain module, retailers and brands can:

Improve the customer experience inside stores
Redirect store labor from tasking to selling
Reduce downstream supply chain costs and improve speed to stock

Comprehensive Warehouse Tools

Optoro’s Reverse Supply Chain module includes tools to enable highly efficient receiving, processing, and routing of inventory for every disposition channel – from primary retail channels, to clearance & outlet, to return to vendor, to donate or recycle, and everything in between.

Easy And Intuitive Workflows

Optoro’s Reverse Supply Chain module addresses the unique complexities of reverse logistics warehouse operations. Designed using an iterative process of prototyping and usability testing, the module is purpose-built for the end-user in the warehouse. This intuitive design enables quick training and easy knowledge transfer with step-by-step guided interfaces for efficient training and day-to-day use.

Flexible Deployment Approach

Optoro’s Reverse Supply Chain product is a cloud-based solution that can be deployed in client returns centers or preferred 3PL network, or can be administered in a managed service capacity within Optoro’s facility network. The solution maintains the flexibility to adjust locations over time as business needs change.