Optimize your entire returns portfolio

Returns are growing and becoming increasingly complex and hard to manage.

Optoro’s Returns Optimization Platform helps retailers and brands solve the challenges of reverse logistics and efficiently and effectively manage their returns with an end-to-end solution.

From the initial intake of goods in stores and distribution centers, to data-driven dispositioning and end-of-life management, Optoro’s platform lowers processing costs, increases the recoverable value of returned inventory, enables better visibility and control, and improves both customer and retail associate experiences.


Core to Optoro’s platform is its SmartDisposition® engine, which leverages both client-provided and proprietary data resources in data science algorithms that route returned and excess inventory to its next best home. Our technology predicts the best destination for a unit to maximize its net value, and instantaneously communicates the routing decision with warehouse and in-store teams to physically route goods at the moment of handling. The routing engine is customizable in real time, considering eligible channels and settings that customize the engine to clients’ operational constraints and business goals.