Optoro’s technology platform enables retailers and brands to increase profitability, lower operating costs, reduce landfill waste, and increase visibility and insights.

Our results

Increase Profitability by 30%

Predictive machine learning actively routes inventory to the highest value channel every time.

Reduce Operating Costs by 20%

Reverse logistics systems that minimize touches and streamlines operations across the supply chain.

Reduce Landfill Waste by 70%

Extend the usable life cycle of products by routing them to their next best home.

Create 100% Visibility

Portfolio tools provide supply chain teams with real-time visibility and control to optimize decisions.

For Retailers

Retailers looking to remain competitive in the shifting commercial landscape must turn their returned and excess inventory into assets. Optoro helps retailers improve their customer experience by providing returned and excess handling they can count on.

For OEMs

As suppliers develop stronger direct-to-consumer relationships, proper handling of returned and excess inventory becomes even more important. Optoro’s solution helps manufacturers create value from large quantities of inventory, while maintaining brand standards.

Read our whitepaper on sustainable reverse logistics

The retail industry faces a large and growing challenge in managing the 3.5 billion products consumers return every year, resulting in financial losses as well as environmental impact. But by partnering with Optoro, our clients have seen waste and carbon savings of up to 60% and 31% respectively.



Learn how we’re reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste in the retail supply chain– and how we can help you stay within environmental regulations and meet corporate sustainability goals.


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