Manufacturers and suppliers across the country are using Optoro to reduce waste in their supply chains.

As suppliers develop stronger direct-to-consumer relationships, they face an increasing set of challenges related to reverse logistics. Vendors now need to manage not just the inventory that gets returned from retailers in bulk, but also the shallow-SKU inventory that gets returned from individual consumers.

These changing market dynamics introduce complexity that can dramatically increase supplier costs if left unmanaged. But Optoro’s solution helps manufacturers optimize the handling of inventory coming back through the supply chain, creating unmatched value while maintaining brand standards.

Increasing value by remarketing returned inventory

When suppliers receive open-box returns today, they typically destroy the inventory or liquidate it in bulk for pennies on the dollar. But Optoro helps vendors make better decisions about how to handle these products. By combining all-in cost analysis, recovery potential analysis, and a cultivated audience of buyers, Optoro’s software find the proper remarketing channel for all types and qualities of inventory.

When inventory isn’t in good-enough condition to remarket to consumers or other businesses, Optoro helps vendors recover any remaining value through alternate disposition channels.

A Nationwide Refurbishment Network

Suppliers will often receive open-box returns that need to be refurbished and re-kitted prior to being remarketed. In the case of consumer electronics, this inventory must also be data-wiped. Optoro helps vendors and suppliers accomplish these refurbishment tasks through a nationwide network of partners that works across all inventory types and conditions. Optoro’s partner facilities are located near all major freight hubs, reducing processing time and cost and enabling suppliers to take advantage of economies of scale.

Brand protection through controlled sales

It is often difficult for brands, vendors, and manufacturers to recover value from consumer returns and excess because of concerns around brand perceptions. Leading OEMs are using Optoro to manage the liquidation of excess and returned inventory to approved buyers. Through detailed reconciliation reporting, these OEMs can track their inventory through remarketing channels.