Retailers frequently create interesting and unique shopping experiences to attract, engage and retain customers. Yet despite the fact that 97% of consumers report that a positive returns experience will lead them to continue shopping with a certain retailer or brand, the returns experience isn’t always part of these strategies to foster customer loyalty. And with an estimated $390 billion in returns each year in the US alone, it’s important for retailers to treat the returns experience as an important part of the consumer lifecycle.

In our latest report, we discuss results from recent surveys of consumers and top US retailers to understand:

  1. How returns fit into top customer loyalty trends
    From investing in the store experience to new technology innovations, how are retailers aiming to impress their customers this year? And how do returns fit in?
  1. How retailers plan to invest in returns-related initiatives
    What are retailers’ top priorities for 2019? How they currently treat their returns?
  1. How consumers view returns and their impact on the customer experience
    What are consumers expecting from retailers in terms of returns policies and experiences?

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