Over the last year, UPS has made several key investments in advanced technologies in order to increase efficiency and drive tangible sustainability benefits. The 2017 UPS Corporate Responsibility Progress Report documents these developments and showcases the associated environmental impact.

In the report, UPS recognizes that returns are an area of challenge and opportunity for retailers. Online purchases have grown 12 percent annually over the past three years and show no signs of slowing. That increase in shopping leads to more shipping, which in turn leads to more returns. More shipments also lead to increased wasteboth environmental and financial. To combat this, UPS invested in solutions that allow retailers to eliminate extraneous shipments. UPS’s partnership with Optoro aims to merge its leading logistics expertise with our smart-dispositioning technology to provide retailers with maximized recovery value and reduced environmental waste from returns.

How does the UPS + Optoro partnership reduce waste?

When consumers return unwanted items, they either mail them back to the retailer using a carrier like UPS or they return them in store. Retailers then utilize UPS’s logistics solutions, expertise and infrastructure to send those returns to an Optoro warehouse or client facility for processing using Optoro’s cloud-based, data-driven platform.

Our technology optimizes the return by determining the best channel to recover each item’s maximum value. This could include returning to stock, returning to vendor, secondary B2C or B2B channels, recycling/donation or destruction.

Choosing the best possible destination for each return at first-touch eliminates unnecessary shipments and reduces a retailer’s carbon footprint.

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