In an effort to improve the efficiency of remarketing initiatives, the BLINQ and BULQ teams have implemented a variety of strategies for nurturing customer loyalty. Two new features aimed at improving customer experience are the recent BLINQ redesign and BULQ Android app release. Evidence of success can be seen in customer feedback such as BULQ app ratings and testimonials. This increased loyalty, has in turn, translated to a reduction in customers costs as well as an improvement in conversion rate and overall revenue on both channels.

How BLINQ and BULQ Remarketing Initiatives Spur Customer Satisfaction

With the recent launch of the BLINQ redesign and BULQ Android app, both channels have seen an influx of positive customer feedback. These features were aimed at improving overall customer experience. The BLINQ redesign, powered by in-depth qualitative and quantitative research, included everything from improved site experience, to email marketing and social media messaging. By more clearly messaging BLINQ’s visionary values, the team has been able to strengthen customer loyalty toward the brand and ultimately increase lifetime customer value.

Similarly, the BULQ Android app release, aims to meet the growing needs of our buyers and improve their sourcing experience. The Android app offers buyers a more personalized sourcing experience, including preference-based emails and inventory push notifications. Similar to the positive results seen on the BLINQ side, BULQ has also been able to focus on improving mobile conversion, repeat purchase rate, and ultimately lifetime customer value.

Increased Loyalty has Significantly Reduced Costs

As the focus shifts towards improving the efficiency of remarketing initiatives, BLINQ and BULQ have become more highly sought after as brands that customers can trust. Across both brands, customers are excited by the high quality product, competitive pricing, and top-notch customer service.

Due to these these positive experiences, customers continue to serve as evangelists for the brands, helping to grow our customer base. As as result of this uptick in customer satisfaction, we have seen BLINQ’s QoQ repeat purchase rate increase by 4% and BULQ’s QoQ repeat purchase rate increase by nearly 7%.

By shifting our attention to customer retention, BLINQ and BULQ can ultimately reduce long-term costs. Research shows that it costs 5 times as much to acquire a new customer, than to retain an existing one. Our surge in positive feedback has therefore proven to be doubly beneficial – not only are customers pleased with their experience and coming back time after time, their loyalty is also a long-term, cost-effective marketing strategy.

What customer satisfaction means for retailers & OEMs working with Optoro

As BLINQ and BULQ continue to gain traction and garner positive feedback from customers, we expect that brand loyalty and repeat purchase rate will continue to improve. These improvements are anticipated to ultimately facilitate faster sales velocity and better recovery for our partners: retailers and OEMs.