Just a few months ago, we wrote about BULQ’s positive performance metrics, resulting from the release of cases and the BULQ iOS app. Today, we’re excited to announce the release of yet another BULQ feature, the BULQ Android app.

In 2015, we launched BULQ.com, our B2B marketplace offering unbeatable wholesale deals to independent resellers and entrepreneurs around the country. Opting to offer customers better deals than the traditional auction-based wholesale process, BULQ.com launched with the best deals on pallets, flat rate shipping and guaranteed manifests. These innovations allowed us to give our customers the most fair and efficient experience in the wholesale space.

As business continues to grow and we add more buyers to BULQ’s database each month, the BULQ team has looked towards customers for feedback. With the success of the iOS app, it was a natural next step to launch an Android app to meet the needs of even more buyers. This new feature will continue to feed BULQ’s growth, and ultimately drive key metrics for our retail partners: sales velocity and financial recovery.

BULQ Android App Will Continue to Drive Faster Sell-Through Rate

In response to the positive feedback we’ve received from customers on the ease and efficiency of the BULQ iOS app, we’re excited to launch a BULQ Android app, available in the Google Play Store. Hearing from customers that they were looking for a more personalized experience, the BULQ team launched preference-based emails for BULQ buyers early in 2016. Building on this, the team built the BULQ app in order to give buyers even faster access to newly released pallets and cases.

In the app, buyers can set preferences for categories and conditions, and choose to see only the wholesale lots that match those preferences and meet their specific business needs using the My Lots screen. They can also use the Watch List, which allows them to save wholesale lots to research and monitor later. Once customers set their preferences, they can enable inventory push notifications so they know as soon as wholesale lots that match their needs are listed. This way, they’ll never miss out on what could be their perfect lot.

What This Product Update Will Mean for Retailers & OEMs Working with Optoro

We expect that, similar to the iOS app, the Android app will, continue to increase sales velocity and client recovery. In addition to the many current BULQ buyers who are Android users, we anticipate that a larger audience of resellers will be drawn to the app so that they can snag their perfect lot faster than with just our website. In launching the full mobile experience on both iOS and Android, our goal is not only to provide more accessible and available inventory for wholesale buyers, but also to continue to facilitate faster sales velocity and better recovery value for our retail and OEM partners.