At Optoro, we make sure to prioritize employees’ health, and in our new Metro Center office, we’ve included features that help every member of our team be more active throughout the day. Each employee has a sit-stand desk, allowing him or her to take standing breaks while on the computer. Commuters looking to get their daily workout in, or just avoid rush hour traffic, have access to a bike storage room and gym showers to make cycling to work feasible. We even have a zen room for people who want to meditate or just relax.

Recently, we dedicated an entire week to health, organizing activities that encouraged the Optoro team to take a break from the workday, reduce stress, and stay healthy. Here are three highlights from Wellness Week:

1. Massages with Lunar Massage

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A 15 minute in-office massage, thanks to the folks at Lunar Massage, helped employees take a break to release some tension in the workday.

2. FlyWheel and FlyBarre

 Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.30.21 AM

Optoro employees had access to spin and barre classes at the City Center FlyWheel (right next to our office), free of charge.

3. Guided Meditation with Joanna from Wandering Wellness

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Joanna shared her path from a high-stress corporate lifestyle, to becoming a mindfulness and meditation expert. She also guided us through some everyday stress-relief tactics. To learn more, check out her beautiful blog here.

Overall, Wellness Week was a fun way to give our team the opportunity to try new things when it comes to their health. When asked what she thought of the initiative, one employee commented: “This week I’ve done 2 spin classes, had a massage at work, and tried a new barre class during lunch – all firsts for me! And it’s only Wednesday.” We hope you take a chance to prioritize your health, and try something new, this week as well!