Optoro is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals by providing asset recovery that drives both economic and environmental value. Last year, we embarked on a mission to quantify the environmental impacts of our solution and discover how to help retailers save money on fuel and reduce waste in their supply chain. Through this process , we revealed ample opportunities for retailers to realize significant carbon and cost savings through the use of intelligent reverse logistics processes.

Want to learn more? Take a look at our environmental impact model and associated research, which was developed in partnership with a third-party consultant, Environmental Capital Group, and independently verified by specialists at the U.S. EPA and logistics provider C.H. Robinson. We’re excited to announce that, for one of our retail partners, Groupon Goods, we measured a 60% reduction in waste and 31% reduction in carbon emissions, by cutting out the inefficient middlemen that power traditional reverse logistics. The model can be used for retailers of any size or inventory type, so you, too, can check out how to measure the environmental impact of your reverse supply chain.

Read our white paper here: Optoro-Whitepaper(6-9-2016)