Routing on receipt to minimize touches

Test, Grade, & Refurbish

Custom test and grade process and a network of refurbishment partners to recover, repair and harvest inventory

Inventory Management

Unit-level tracking of each item under management


Smart pick-lists and rate-shopping for cost optimization


Part receiving process management, part pricing algorithm, part client dashboard, and more. OptiTurn is our product for warehouse tooling and helps manage reverse logistics in warehouses across the country.

OptiTurn streamlines your operations with sophisticated processes and technology tools. Its scalable cloud-based SaaS platform allows you to operate out of any facility around the country.

The only database of its kind

OptiTurn’s decisions are only as good as its data. That’s why we invest millions each year in curating a database of product performance by unit and condition. We pull from more than 10 sources, and add our own, to curate the smartest decision-making engine in the industry.

OptiTurn enables granular recovery data to optimize buying decisions and vendor allowance agreements.

Our Marketplaces

Benefit from retail’s best-kept secret

Our multi-site listing engine connects high-quality products at affordable prices with consumers worldwide. BLINQ’s established reputation as a seller of record helps brands achieve high recovery from their returned and excess inventory.

Connect with new wholesalers

Wholesale inventory buyers traditionally struggle with questionable manifests, complicated shipping logistics, and limited support. BULQ is changing the game in wholesale liquidation by providing a 98% manifest guarantee, flat-rate shipping, and a dedicated customer service team.

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