Millions of perfectly good items get returned every day. We work directly with retailers to handpick the very best and offer top brands at unbelievably low prices.
Selling with a purpose

We keep products out of landfills and in consumers’ hands.

Multiple Marketplace Integration

Our multi-site listing engine connects high-quality products to millions of consumers.

Trustworthy Reputation

Our brand consistently achieves top ratings thanks to our customer service.


We sell products through our consumer-facing brand, BLINQ.

Customers continue to purchase from BLINQ thanks to our dedication to customer service, product quality, and value. BLINQ sells on multiple marketplaces and also through its own ecommerce site.



Brand Protection

Often, brands are hesitant to liquidate at low prices. We solve this problem by selling under our brand, BLINQ, providing anonymity while also minimizing channel conflict.

Explore our other marketplace: Bulq

Wholesale inventory buyers traditionally struggle with questionable manifests, complicated shipping logistics, and limited customer support. BULQ is changing the game by providing a 98% manifest guarantee, flat-rate shipping, and a dedicated customer service team.