Our revolutionary selling platform for liquidation goods brings your products to a new audience of interested resellers, increasing demand and moving your inventory faster.
Guaranteed Manifests

At BULQ, we guarantee 98% manifest accuracy, or we’ll make it right.

Pain-free shipping

We handle all logistics, from real-time tracking to reliable delivery.

Customer Support

Our dedicated support team is available to help, seven days a week.


We sell products through our consumer-facing brand, BULQ. Customers continue to purchase from BULQ, thanks to our dedication to customer service, product quality, and value.

BULQ reaches a new market of micro-entrepreneurs in the US and abroad, including thrift stores, flea markets, parts harvesters, and mom-and-pop resellers.


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Smart Wholesale Lot Creation

We curate wholesale lots to meet your specific needs and find the right balance between high recovery and high velocity.

Through our sophisticated sorting process, our wide mix of BULQ lots — from reusable boxes to a full truckload — serve any need and any buyer.

Explore our other marketplace: BLINQ

Our multi-site listing engine connects high-quality products at affordable prices with customers worldwide. BLINQ’s established reputation as a seller of record helps brands achieve high recovery from their returned and excess inventory.