Increase profitability on open-box and distressed inventory

Most retailers and brands use traditional methods to liquidate open-box and used inventory in bulk for pennies on the dollar, leaving tremendous amounts of unrealized value on the table. Even worse, they lose the ability to control where their inventory goes, protect their brand equity, and ensure proper treatment of goods.

With Optoro’s Remarketing solutions, retailers and brands are able to increase the value of their non-new inventory and maintain item-level visibility and control. Optoro enables the sale of inventory both direct-to-consumer (D2C) and business-to-business (B2B), using white-labeled marketplaces, Optoro’s branded channels, and direct sales teams. Optoro’s machine learning algorithms help clients find the right balance between optimizing for value and optimizing for speed. With Optoro Remarketing, retailers and brands can:

  • Increase the value of non-new inventory in the secondary market
  • Increase the velocity of inventory sales
  • Maintain brand equity and protect perception
  • Minimize costs associated with remarketing

Cross-Marketplace Listing

Optoro’s Cross-Marketplace Listing technology maximizes exposure among a multitude of buyers, increasing selling opportunities. Optoro’s platform seamlessly integrates with a network of channels and automatically balances inventory across them. Our network of supported marketplaces and demand channels includes Amazon, Ebay,, and more.

Dynamic pricing capability

Data-driven decision making on sale prices enhance a traditionally analog process. Our pricing engine optimizes recovery and velocity by dynamically analyzing market data, product attributes, and marketplace demand. Our machine-learning algorithms continually update our pricing model to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date forecasts for expected price and demand.

Optoro’s remarketing brands

Optoro’s proprietary remarketing channels, BLINQ and BULQ, provide turn-key platforms for selling in both D2C and B2B environments.

Sell direct to businesses through BULQ, our business-to-business brand.

Drive sell-through and target smaller resellers with BULQ. Directed sorting algorithms optimize inventory assortment driving higher recovery and velocity. Mobile app specifically caters to customers on-the-go, supporting a frequent loyal buyer base. BULQ Direct sales reach enterprise buyers in the U.S. and abroad.

Reach millions of customers through BLINQ, our direct-to-consumer brand.

Real-time product listings across BLINQ and Optoro’s network of marketplaces extends market reach and drive greater recovery.

White-labeled Marketplaces

Control your direct-to-consumer brand experience with white-labeled marketplaces on Amazon or Ebay. No additional configuration or integration is needed, saving time, money and labor on setup while preserving brand equity.