Earlier this week, our Product Team co-hosted a webinar to introduce new key features to our SmartRTV tool, which equips Return To Vendor (RTV) managers with the ability to manage, assess, and optimize the vendor returns process, while providing warehouse teams with intuitive tools to efficiently process and ship out eligible units. The webinar was co-hosted by David Amouyal, Senior Operations Manager at Groupon, one of Optoro’s retail partners. We recorded the live webinar and are excited to share it with you today.

Brian Miranda, Optoro’s Senior Product Manager of Client Channels, leads a product demo, walking viewers through the SmartRTV portal in our Reverse Logistics Platform, OptiTurn. David Amouyal then shares his personal experience using SmartRTV, including examples and anecdotes of his team’s successes and cost savings using the tool.

Interested in checking it out? Watch the recording, and download a PDF of the presentation here.

Want to get in touch with Optoro about how our product might fit into your reverse supply chain design? Contact inquiries@optoro.com.