Last week we hosted our first annual Hack-O-Ween in the D.C. office! The Hackathon encouraged employees to creatively transform ideas into products or working projects that could positively impact Optoro’s business. Over the course of 48 hours, individuals pitched ideas, formed teams, created prototypes, and presented demos.  


On Wednesday afternoon, 31 individuals had two minutes to pitch their hack ideas. From transforming BLINQ’s search functions, to creating a BULQ podcast, to streamlining warehouse operations, pitch topics spanned across the entire business. Once everyone pitched, teams were created based upon interests and skills.


Once teams were formed, they had less than 48 hours to make their pitch ideas come to life. Teams spent time writing code, connecting with necessary vendors, and filming live demos that showcased their ideas.  


On Friday afternoon the company came together to watch 20 teams present their hackathon ideas. Each team had 5 minutes to present their demos and answer questions from the judges. It was fascinating to see these ideas come to life in such a short time! 


After the company and judges voted, three teams came out on top. Team Financing (Dan Van Den Berg, Amy Kallman, Kelsey Fecho, Mike Goynes, Leah Howard) won 1st place and $3,000!

Team BLINQ Insider (Tomer Sabo, Caitlyn Campbell, Isaac Anthony, Jeremy Stuckey, Sherry Huang, and Erika Mosher) won 2nd place and $1,000. And team Content Curator (Taylor Terry and Jed Prentice) won 3rd place and $1,000!