Our Senior Director of Talent and Culture, Emily Hull, recently spoke with Bloomberg BNA about the importance of being intentional when developing company culture.  At Optoro, we believe that a strong workplace environment doesn’t manifest itself, and we work hard to implement deliberate, strategic initiatives that align with our core values.  As we set our goals for 2017, we’ve identified three key areas where it pays to be thoughtful:

1. Be intentional about the perks you offer.

Offering a wide array of perks is key to developing a healthy company culture, but think carefully about which ones you choose.  At Optoro, we prioritize empowerment and development, and we offer employees access to meditation rooms and other wellness benefits that directly link to these values.

2. Think critically about how you measure your success.

Surveys and data collection are crucial components to measuring success, but only survey as often as you can act. Thoughtful surveys often take time to complete, and it’s imperative that employees recognize how much their participation matters.  Two years ago, we partnered with CultureAmp and decreased the amount of surveys we conducted to two per year. We have been able to deliver tangible changes and our surveys now average 95% participation.

3. Be thoughtful about any processes or restrictions you implement.

Enacting detailed processes may feel like an effective way to eliminate chaos in the workplace, but lightweight measures are often the most effective and will encourage employee compliance.

Learn more and read the full Bloomberg piece, “Don’t Let Gimmicky Perks Overwhelm Your Brand”.