With the holidays upon us, retailers are focused on increasing sales and boosting promotions.  However, their attention is also turned towards return policies as they anticipate the post-holiday rush in January.  

With the rise of eCommerce, the amount of returns has increased by 34% in the past six years, and consumers have come to expect an easy returns process.  When purchasing gifts, having a flexible returns policy is crucial to staying competitive and maintaining customer loyalty.  

  • When buying for others, 55% of customers reported that they check returns policies before purchasing

Typically, consumers check return policies 52% of the time online and 37% in-store. This number rises to 55% across the board when purchasing gifts.

  • 85% of consumers check Amazon first when purchasing gifts because of their flexible returns policy.  

Furthermore, 56% of this group emphasized Amazon’s free return shipping as one of the reasons they search Amazon before looking elsewhere.

Retailers that offer easy return shipping and flexible return policies will create a more positive customer experience.  To learn more about the importance of flexible return policies and how to implement one, download your version of our free Consumer Returns Report.